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More Q&A

Q. How to know whether the address is opened by the dapp browser of Math Wallet ?

If there’s “MdsApp” in useragent, then it is visited by the browser of Math Wallet.

Q. How to get more current wallet information, such as orientation / language / fullscreen, etc?

We will need math-js-sdk:

Q. How to debug a dApp within Math Wallet?

Please read:

Q. Does Math Wallet support testnet chain environment and account?

No, we do not support testnet.

Q. How to open a dApp in landscape screen orientation?

There are 2 ways:

1 Math Wallet team can help you config your dApp opened in landscape mode by default, you just need to inform us.

2 You can use math-js-sdk:, issue the orientation() function.

Q. How to open a dApp in full screen mode?

You can use math-js-sdk:, issue the fullScreen(1) function. And we suggest you add a 'Close' button in your dApp, which need to issue fullScreen(0) or close() function.

Q. How to get DeviceID through Math SDK?

You can use math-js-sdk:, issue the getAppInfo() function.

Q. How to get the current language in the dApp?

Sample code below:

 * @return {string} country code: cn / ko / en
var getNavLanguage = function(){
  navLanguage = (navigator.language || navigator.browserLanguage ).toLowerCase();
  case 'zh-cn' || 'zh-tw' || 'zh-hk':
    navLanguage = 'cn';
  case 'ko':
    navLanguage = 'ko'
    navLanguage = 'en';
  return navLanguage;

Yes. Sample URL below, change the value param as you need:


Yes. Sample URL below, change the dappUrl param as you need and the blockchain param as well:


Currently this methods only supports blockchain: eosio, ethereum, tron

callback is the URL after MathWallet completed the transaction will open, such as: appABC://

result:0 cancel, 1 success, 2 fail

If there is a transaction, it will add txID appABC://