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Sui Wallet Kit

Sui Wallet Kit is a library that makes it easy to connect your dApp to Sui wallets. It wraps the underlying Sui Wallet Adapters and comes pre-configured with sane defaults.

Getting started

To get started in a React application, you can install the following packages:

npm install @mysten/wallet-kit

At the root of your application, you can then set up the wallet kit provider:

import { WalletKitProvider } from "@mysten/wallet-kit";

export function App() {
  return <WalletKitProvider>{/* Your application... */}</WalletKitProvider>;

The WalletKitProvider also supports an adapters prop, which lets you override the default Sui Wallet Adapters.

You can then add a Connect MathWallet button to your page:

import { ConnectButton, useWalletKit } from "@mysten/wallet-kit";
import { formatAddress } from "@mysten/sui.js";

function ConnectToMathWallet() {
  const { currentAccount } = useWalletKit();
  return (
      connectText={"Connect MathWallet"}
      connectedText={`Connected: ${formatAddress(currentAccount.address)}`}

To get access to the currently connected wallet, use the useWalletKit() hook to interact with the wallet, such as proposing transactions:

import { TransactionBlock } from "@mysten/sui.js";
import { useWalletKit } from "@mysten/wallet-kit";

export function SendTransaction() {
  const { signAndExecuteTransactionBlock } = useWalletKit();

  const handleClick = async () => {
    const tx = new TransactionBlock();
      target: "0x2::devnet_nft::mint",
      arguments: [
        tx.pure("some name"),
        tx.pure("some description"),
    await signAndExecuteTransactionBlock({ transactionBlock: tx });

  return (
    <Button onClick={handleClick} disabled={!connected}>
      Send Transaction

Usage without React

We do not currently have non-React UI libraries for connecting to wallets. The wallet adapters and logic in the React library (@mysten/wallet-adapter-react) can be used as reference for implementing a wallet connection UI in other UI libraries.

Wallet Standard

The WalletStandardAdapterProvider adapter (published under @mysten/wallet-adapter-wallet-standard) automatically supports wallets that adhere to the cross-chain Wallet Standard. This adapter detects the available wallets in users' browsers. You do not need to configure additional adapters.