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ONT DAPP Development Document

Web dApp Development


Math Wallet is compatible with ONT dAPI.

dAPI official document

dApps using dAPI


HyperDragons Go!

Native dApp Development

SimpleWallet API

If your DAPP is based on native development or browser based, you could open MathWallet to sign your transaction through SimpleWallet protocol or use Math Wallet to scan and authorize.

MathWallet SimpleWallet Protocol supports:

Native APP can open MathWallet to sign your transaction.

To use this API, please read the API doc:

Note: transferReq.blockchain please use 'ont'

SimpleWallet API Demo Projects

SDK example developed by Math Wallet team:

iOS –

Android –

Web dApp Development

Web dApp within mobile browser can open MathWallet to sign your transaction in a link format.

The format is also based on SimpleWallet Protocol MathWallet version:

Demo & Sample Code: